Валерий Юрлов Дневник художника

Hrsg.: Nadja Brykina
Contributions: Valery Yurlov

ISBN 978-3-9523523-9-7
ISBN 978-3-9523523-8-0
248 S., ca. 200 farbige Abb.
29.6 x 24.6 cm, Hardcover, gebunden
© 2009 Nadja Brykina Editions

It's not at all a feeling that he is getting old and a desire to explain his work that has moved Valery Yurlov to tend to his archives now. He is motivated by a new idea, that of creating an ‘Artist's diary' which would contain not just yellowing photographs, half-erased notes and old sketches but also new attempts at addressing what he has already created.
The artist isn't just remembering the past but also commenting on his theory and events earlier in his life from his current standpoint. He sees new solutions to the tasks he set himself earlier, he makes new discoveries and finds new sources of inspiration.
Graphic material and explanations complement each other, and the artist's thoughts and observations come together in a well-honed theory. The reader and beholder of his works is given both a chance to see the world through different eyes and much food for thought as well as suddenly realising that the space around him has become a whole lot more appealing and life a whole lot more interesting.

Limited Edition

There is a limited edition in the amount of 50 copies signed by Valery Yurlov including an original drawing from the artist’s diary. Price on request.