Монография Владимира Андреенкова

Publisher: Nadja Brykina
Contributions: Nadja Brykina, Urs Häner

German/French, Russian/English
416 p., approx. 380 colour fig.
31 x 28 cm, hardcover
ISBN 5-901401-15-8
© 2003 M, N & O Art Publishing Co. Ltd.

„The movement of the layers, the colour, and the juxtaposition of colours reveal a complex shape of a colourfulmusical sculpture, in which the painting’s spatial movement evokes unique, non-pareil music.“

The monograph of Vladimir Andreenkov was released in 2003 and depicts the artistic pursuit of the painter.
This edition systematically presents his full range of works – from the beginning of his studies up to the present time. All periods of his repertoire, his transformations, verticals, signs and accords are incorporated in this book and highlighted with numerous illustrations.
Moreover the book includes texts and quotes by Vladimir Andreenkov, clarifying his approach towards art and explaining the different stages of his works.