Монография Игоря Вулоха.

Publisher: Nadja Brykina
Contributions: Nadja Brykina, Urs Häner, Michael Bode and Gennadij Ajgi

German/French, Russian/English
416 p., approx. 380 colour fig.
31 x 28 cm, hardcover
ISBN 5-85275-133-2
© 2001 M, N & O Art Publishing Co. Ltd.

„I’m kind of a wanderer, but not called to navigate or discover continents. Even in my continent I’m a homeless wanderer. My continent is small, and the longer I live the more I become aware of that.“

The monograph reflecting the biography and the wide repertoire of Igor Vulokh was published in 2001. The book contains a variety of works by the artist ranging from the end of the fifties up to present time. Igor Vulokh not only worked with a considerable range of momentous poets but also with his good friend, Gennadij Ajigi, whose poems are also featured in this book. The artist’s works focus on landscapes which are emerging from his soul. Nature plays an important role in Vulokh’s masterpieces – best described as his muse and inspiration source.