Boris Otarov Monograph

Publisher: Nadja Brykina
Contributions: Nadja Brykina, Lydia Otarova

ISBN 978-3-9523523-7-3
ISBN 978-3-9523523-6-6
216 p., approx. 180 colour fig.
31 x 27 cm, hardcover
© 2009 Nadja Brykina Editions

This is the first publication about life and work of the notable artist Boris Otarov.
His works are fascinating and magnetic as they change colour and deflect light depending on its intensity and angle of incidence. Yet, for all their brightness they remain very harmonious; the high level of colour intensity has its own system for positioning patches of colour. And the dizzying transitions - from lemon yellow to ochre, from bright red to deep purple, from sky blue to an intense ultramarine - occur without chaos, according to their own laws. "Colour must be the language you use to express your attitude to the world," the artist explained.
And he brought this whole frenzy of colour to life in a previously unseen texture which contained the most varied of materials - stone, glass, plastic...